Tuesday, February 18, 2014

5th Grade Scale addendum

So, all 5th graders have completed their self-assessments for our scale work. I'm sending the assessments home as they're completed, but all video presentations should be available on the 2/6/14 blog post. All videos are through Vimeo, although the shift to YouTube is nigh.

Fourth grade personal profile presentations should be coming on line soon. My hope is to feature them through YouTube.

Here's a snap from our recent weather.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

5th Grade Scales

Our fifth graders are in the process of completing their task of developing their own scales - loosely based on the work of Sir Francis Beaufort and his wind scale. Student presentations are noted below.

A word about videos:
I've been using Vimeo to share student work. I have featured lots of videos through this blog - hopefully you've seen the 'dramatic reading' of the Beaufort scale from earlier this year. Videos are available to watch after watching or fast forwarding through the featured video. Vimeo has limitations for downloads, so at present all videos may not be available. I'm hoping to have them all up and running by tomorrow. In this regard, I'm looking for another way to share.

Thanks, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing your student's work!

trim.4386BCAB-8298-46CC-BF3C-09C004BBF428 from John Pruett on Vimeo.