Monday, December 10, 2012

Duke TIP Program

Each year there are a number of Claxton students who qualify for participation in the Duke 4th/5th grade Talent Search program (TIP). As a coordinator for the program I am informed of those who enroll, but I am not in the loop for those who follow through with other opportunities through the program such as summer enrichment programs. Also, if you have a student involved in a summer enrichment program and would like to network with other families, I'd be happy to put people in touch with each other. Let me know if you'd be interested! I'm always interested in general reflections about the Duke program. Please feel free to share your experiences so that I can better be a resource to other parents.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Hola! 4th Graders worked with Mrs. Eggett today to begin uploading and sharing video from our field trip. We saw lots of great work! I'll be following up with some groups who did NOT follow instructions and produced NO video record. Alas!

 5th graders are completing scales they've devised using the Beaufort Wind Scale as an example. We'll be videotaping and sharing this work as well!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4th Grade River Work!

Okay, gang, here's the deal. We're heading out on October 19th to study the French Broad River. Yes, we're getting in the river. Yes, we're getting wet and dirty! Yes, we're having fun while we learn about the river and it's inhabitants!

Our hosts will be scientists from RiverLink, a local organization dedicated to helping keep our rivers safe and healthy.

Prior to this work, I need you to find out about the French Broad River. Where does it start and where does it go? What lives in and around it? How clean is it? What can we do to protect it?

Don't be limited to these questions!! What are your thoughts on this matter?

Mrs. Eggett, our tech guru extraordinaire, is going to help you focus your thoughts with a Google doc. Here are some links to help you begin your work.

National Geographic

American Rivers

River Link (our hosts!)

NC Wildlife

More from NC Wildlife!

Don't be limited to these sites! Find your own, but make sure they matter!

Remember, you're the 21st century learners here. Wow me with what you know and can discover!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Newly Blogging

Hey, for my Claxton and Hall Fletcher parents and students, I'm moving to this blog instead of my old webpages through school websites. Please be patient while I get this up and running! You might be interested to know that Asheville City Schools has completed the administration of an aptitude test for third and fifth graders and an achievement test for third. These tests are used in several ways across the system, however, my interest is in applying results to AIG services.  I'll let you know more via email once results are returned.